Pitfall! on Atari 2600 (Rob's Retro Rambles)

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Playing Pitfall! on Atari 2600 for the very first time.
It’s Pitfall, the first one, on Atari 2600, do I need to say any more? I mean *everyone* knows Pitfall, right? Aside from my mum, but she’s not going to be watching this anyway.
I’d say it was like the first Tomb Raider but I’d be surprised if my mum knew that either.
It’s like a Lego Indiana Jones, mum. Only they’ve actually done that now, haven’t they?


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James O'Grady says:

Never played it back in the day but I remember the adverts! Great vid.

Jason Arnopp's Terrifying House Of Obsession says:

This video made me happy! I don’t think you’re missing anything, though, as far as I remember. Pitfall is a bit like Motörhead’s one song – you either love it or you don’t. My first experience of the game was via the Dragon 32 adaptation Cuthbert In The Jungle. Mmm, maybe THAT game might persuade you, Rob… he says, in an attempt to get another Dragon 32 video, when he’s already been spoilt to high heaven 🤣

Steve Benway says:

I had Pitfall back in the day, and loved it to bits. Can understand how it doesn't really impress these days, but at the time, there'd been nothing else like it, so it blew my mind. I was never a fan of Pitfall 2 though.
The game itself is huge, if repetitive. 1 screen below ground equates to 3 levels above, if I remember rightly. Necessary to find all of the gold within the time limit, if you get good at it (I never did).

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